Today, more and more scholars argue that the theoretical framework of religious studies is inadequate for the study of Indian culture. This conceptual inadequacy is illustrated by the state of the study of religion and culture at Indian universities: there are hardly any departments and programmes concerning religion and the debates about religion take the form of ideological disputes. As a conference cluster, Rethinking Religion in India (RRI) wanted to start changing this state of affairs. Its aim was to initiate a process of rethinking the currently dominant framework and developing an alternative approach to the study of culture and religion in India.

Four conferences have been organised so far.

RRI I: Are There Native Religions in India?

Delhi 2008

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RRI II: Rethinking Secularism

Delhi 2009

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RRI III – European Representations and Indian Responses

Pardubice 2011

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RRI IV – Secularism, Religion and Law

Mangalore 2012

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