Conference Series: Samvada Lahari (“Waves of Discussion“ – Annual Symposium)

This Kannada symposia series came into being as an expansion of the ongoing research in Karnataka. Initially co-organised by the Centre for the Study of Local Cultures and Jeevanmukhi Trust (North Kanara District, Karnataka), a Samvada Lahari takes the form of three-day workshops organised in or around the Ainakai house in Sirsi.

The symposia have the aim to start relating the bond between Indians and their puranas. Themes so far discussed, were: the nature of the Itihasa and Purana traditions of India as compared to history, the nature of Indian traditions, the relationship between learning and culture, Western theory and Eastern practice in law, justice and conflict resolving, and descriptions of India reflecting the European experience of the “Orient” – with the 2015 Beef Ban as a contemporary illustration.

In the framework of the programme, participants are often invited to watch a traditional play in Kannada. The play is then discussed against the background of the symposium’s aims.

Editions of the symposium organised so far were:

Samvada Lahari I – January 2011

Samvada Lahari II – January 2012

Samvada Lahari III – January 2014

Samvada Lahari IV – December 2014

Samvada Lahari V – February 2016